Why Do We Always Feel Tired?

Sometimes we may notice that we often feel tired in the busy pace of school life due to the stress we experience at work. No matter how early we go to bed, there may be times when we wake up feeling tired when we wake up in the morning. Even if we do not deal with very tiring tasks during the day, we may feel very tired and unwilling. When we look back, we may encounter moments when we see that we generally complain of a feeling of exhaustion and fatigue. We may also have muscle aches that follow the feeling of fatigue. This can result in a lack of concentration that affects our daily life at work or school. We usually attribute this fatigue to vacations that we haven't been able to do for a long time or to times that we haven't been able to devote to ourselves. We attribute the responsibility to our density or maybe traffic. However, things that make us feel tired all the time can be different.

Vitamin and mineral deficiency

Due to the intensity of our daily life, we may pass days when we cannot be fed properly. Although we do not mind skipping meals, when we do not eat healthy, our body is actually affected more than we think. When we do not eat properly, results such as iron, vitamin D, and B12 deficiency may occur in our body. Their deficiency is one of the main causes of fatigue, tension and weakness. Vitamin D deficiency, which occurs because we cannot get sunlight because we are in indoor environments during the day, causes our muscles to weaken. This is the main reason why we feel our muscles constantly ache. Anemia, which is related to iron deficiency, is also directly related to feeling tired all the time. If you feel tired all the time, consult your doctor and have a detailed blood analysis.

How can we overcome the feeling of tiredness?

When we are not fed properly, we can fight the feeling of fatigue by taking vitamin D, B12 and vitamin C, which are lacking in our body. Establishing a healthy diet is the most important step for this. No matter how busy and stressful we are during the day, we should make your daily diet in a healthy way. After starting a healthy diet, we can take these vitamins and minerals into our body as supplements. By taking B12 supplements, we can contribute to the energy generation metabolism of our body. In addition, B12 fights fatigue by supporting the functioning of our immune system. In general, B12 also has the ability to combat feelings of fatigue and weakness. We can also take vitamin C, which we can get from fruits and vegetables, as a supplement. Vitamin C, like B12, helps our body to produce energy. It can be observed that as our vitamin C intake increases, problems such as fatigue, weakness and concentration disorder decrease.



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