Why Are Antioxidants Important?

We can take the antioxidants that are already in our body with a healthy diet and various supplements. Antioxidants such as A, C, E vitamins and selenium found in many foods have many benefits for our body. We can easily access these antioxidants thanks to foods that may come to mind at first thought, such as eggplant, pomegranate, spinach, and dark chocolate. Of course, when we do not have a regular diet, we can support antioxidant intake with supplements. When we take antioxidants in our bodies, we actually contribute to our health in a variety of ways. Let's examine the importance of antioxidants for our body together.  

Antioxidants protect our body

Antioxidants fight free radicals, which can seriously threaten our health. Free radicals circulating in our cells as a solitary electron can be very harmful to our cells and therefore to our health, when they cannot find themselves in pairs. Antioxidants in our body can combine with these free radicals and stabilize them and stop the chain reaction they can form. Free radicals produced naturally by our body can increase in situations such as stress, polluted air or malnutrition. In such cases, we may need to consult the extra antioxidant advice. Antioxidants are especially necessary for us to take precautions against problems such as heart and diabetes, cancer and infectious diseases. In other words, antioxidants are not a treatment tool, but a tool that we can take precautions against these diseases.

It is beneficial for our skin

Antioxidants, which act by taking precautions against the problems in our cells, are also of great importance for the health and beauty of our skin. Antioxidants, which are vitamins and minerals such as zinc, lycopene, manganese, selenium, are very successful in protecting our skin. Antioxidants also play a major role in the healing of wounds, which are the most important part of our skin health. If the antioxidants produced by our body are not sufficient to protect the beauty of our skin, we need to recommend antioxidants to our body. Antioxidants, which also help prevent blemishes, also protect our skin against important diseases such as skin cancer. In order not to encounter early signs of aging, we must be careful about antioxidants.

We should pay attention to antioxidant supplements

We must include vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C and selenium, which are very important antioxidants for our body, in our healthy eating routine. However, sometimes we may be insufficient in a healthy diet or the vitamins and minerals we take may not be sufficient. Vitamin C and selenium help protect cells from oxidative stress caused by free radicals. We can take vitamin C and selenium supplements to contribute to this. If you want to get antioxidant advice, it would be best to consult your doctor and act according to his recommendations.



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