What Are The Ways To Strengthen The Immune System?

Autumn months are the months when the weather changes and the transition of the season are felt most clearly. In these months, the weather can be hot one day and cold one day. In fact, we leave the house in the morning thinking that the weather will be hot, but within 2 hours, the air may suddenly cool down. In such cases, because we do not know what to wear, we can get cold and our immune system may weaken. Of course, not only the seasonal transition and weather conditions, but also stress affects our immune system considerably. The occupation and stress created by returning to work and school after the summer vacation can cause our immune system to be vulnerable to diseases. That's why we should be very careful about keeping our immune system strong, especially during seasonal transitions and stressful periods.

We should stay away from stress

Our immune system, which can be weakened by physical factors, may also weaken due to psychological and emotional factors. When there is stress and tension in our lives, herpes on our lips or the wound in our mouth are actually the most obvious examples of the effects of our psychology on our immune system. Fatigue and insomnia, which we experience due to stress and a busy daily life, also invite diseases because when we cannot sleep and rest regularly, our immune system is damaged. Therefore, in order to strengthen our immune system, we must first turn to psychological and emotional solutions. We should try to avoid stressful factors in our lives as much as possible. If we cannot completely get rid of intense or tense environments, we must find other areas that will make ourselves happy and relieve this stress.

We should get plenty of vitamin C

We should take care to consume fruits rich in vitamin C, such as oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, kiwi, in large quantities during the season and winter months. In addition to these foods, vegetables such as red peppers, onions and leeks should be a part of our diet for a strong immune system. These foods rich in vitamin C are actually very important antioxidants for our body. Especially since vitamin C is not produced in our body, we need to supplement vitamin C from outside. If we are having difficulty in getting vitamin C from foods, we can use food supplements containing vitamin C that help our immune system function in a healthy way.



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