The Importance of Selenium for Our Body

Have you ever thought how much oxygen we take into our bodies? Every time we breathe, we take in the oxygen we need to survive, but oxygen can also be a harmful substance to our body. Oxygen molecules can have a reactive nature. Our highly reactive molecules can cause enormous damage to our cell structures. This harmful condition created by this unbalanced state of oxygen is called oxidative stress. Selenium comes into play at this point. There are a number of nutrients that prevent oxidative stress. Selenium helps prevent oxidative stress by working with these nutrients. Selenium, whose most important benefit for our body is to fight oxidative stress, is also very successful against different diseases.

Prevents heart disease

Oxidative stress is known as one of the causes of many diseases. Blockages and damage, especially in blood vessels, are often associated with oxidative stress. Low selenium consumption also leads to heart diseases as it increases oxidative stress. To keep the blood vessels working properly, we need to be careful about selenium consumption. With the health of our vessels, blood flow increases and oxidative stress decreases. Selenium, a powerful antioxidant, also prevents heart diseases in this respect.

Helps our thyroids function properly

Selenium is important for the production of thyroid hormones. The thyroid is very important for our body to be able to perform its duties regularly. Therefore, the proper functioning of our thyroids actually means that our entire body functions properly. In other words, any problem that occurs in our thyroid can cause many negative effects such as muscle weakness, fatigue, trouble sleeping. Selenium, on the other hand, puts your thyroid in working order. It protects our thyroids and also fights antibodies that can cause thyroid diseases. In addition, selenium contributes to our thyroids to actively produce hormones and to regulate the amount of hormones.

It reduces the risk of cancer

If we are prone to a genetically weak immune system and have encountered cancer, we need to pay attention to the amount of selenium entering our body. Selenium is thought to be successful in reducing the risk of cancer. It can also find damage to the nucleus of cancerous cells, inhibit tumor growth and slow it down. It fights tumors by attaching to antioxidants known as preservatives, such as glutathione. For this reason, we need to take antioxidants such as glutathione into our body that will support the effects of selenium. If we cannot get enough selenium from food, we can apply for food supplements.


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